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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to join MYSTL?

You have to be in high school to officially be part of MYSTL’s Board + CORE.  Board + CORE handle all the planning, organizing and executing of all events including halaqaat.

How old do you have to be to join the events including halaaqat?

We prefer girls from 13 and up to join (including moms/aunts that want to listen in or join in on whatever fun event we have.

If I am an adult (female) and what to help MYSTL at their events, can I?

Of course! There are events we host that actually require many adult chaperones as possible (like All-Nighters or Camps).  Contact us and we can add you to the MYSTL Girl’s chaperones whatsapp chat. 

Is MYSTL free to join?

YES! Absolutely FREE! No membership fees to join.  You do not even have to live near by.  We have youths from all over the county and city who join our events and are part of our Board + CORE. 

How can I join Board or Core?

Google Form links will be sent out for registration. Only board members will need an interview and core will just need to sign up. We are very open and don’t turn anyone away!

When does registration open?

Registration opens up late May/early June and interviews start late July/early August. The term will officially start in August.  

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