Important update regarding COVID precautions @ IFGSTL:

In light of new upcoming guidelines from St Louis County (starting Nov 17th) the Islamic Foundation is implementing the following guidelines effective IMMEDIATELY:

1. We encourage people to be vigilant, DO NOT come if Jumuah is not obligatory upon them, or if they are 65+, or experiencing symptoms.

2. Sign in sheet to be removed due to it losing its purpose. (due to widespread disease in general community)

3.Musallis to leave immediately after Fardh Salah, and pray their Sunnah at home. Sunnah prayers before the Fardh prayer are fine.

4. Wudu must be done at home, bring OWN PRAYER RUG AND MASK; practice social distancing. Sisters must wear a mask, covering face with scarf is not allowed or adequate protection for you or others.

5. Doors to open for Fardh Salah only 15 minutes prior to Iqama.

6. Khateras after Fajr and Isha to be stopped for now. All youth and gym activities stopped for now (To be reassessed after Thanksgiving)

7. Number of attendees for funeral prayers (outdoors) to be reduced and monitored closely on individual basis based on weather.

Prayer & Iqama Times @ Masjid Dar-ul-Islam

Address: 517 Weidman Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011


Prayer & Iqama Times @ Masjid Bilal

Address: 3843 W  Pine Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108


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