The Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis stands with the community at large to continue to work towards racial justice, equity, and peace. The tragic death of George Floyd has brought masses out to make their voices heard, increase awareness about racism, and demand justice.

We have made progress over the years, but much more needs to be done. Reminders of the Confederacy with flags, statues etc. is hurtful to the Black community and will impede the road to recovery. These emblems have no place in our society. Recent protests regarding the statue of Louis (IX) the King has brought the painful history into the forefront. The Crusades led to massacre of Muslims; Jewish populace was persecuted and executed. The word “Crusade” brings back memories of one of the worst times among Christians and Muslims relationships.

We understand the sentiments and pain of the ones seeking removal of the statue. The Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis is committed to work on interfaith relationships with honest dialogue, mutual respect, and collective service to the community. The faiths must strive to build relationships to prevent persecution of any faith. The removal of the statue will not erase the history, but our present-day collaboration can help us move forward. We must continue to work on disparities in socio-economic status and health for minorities. We must stand for any persecuted group anywhere in the world. That’s what our country stands for.

Ghazala Hayat,
Chair Public Affairs Committee
Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis
517 Weidman Road, BALLWIN MO 63011

Jumah capacity:
150 men/25 women.
Daily Salat capacity:
40 men/ 15 women.

Please arrive 20 minutes early to get through checkpoints.

-All attendees will be screened at main masjid door with simple questions.
-Only main Masjid entrance will be open for screening and entry for regular salat. 
-We recommend people ages 65 and up to pray at home, as well as those defined under CDC guidelines with compromised immune systems; pregnant women pray at home as well.
-Bring YOUR OWN prayer rug and have a MASK on at all times, make wudu at home and leave immediately after fard salat.

Ages 16 and above only. No children allowed.
Allowance of 150 men in men's prayer area
25 women in women’s prayer area at each jamat.

First JUMAH: 1:10 - 1:30 PM
Second JUMAH: 2:20 - 2:40 PM



The Islamic Foundation Of Greater St. Louis condemns the brutal murder of George Floyd in stark daylight in full view of the public. A human being lost his life in the hands of who are supposed to protect the society.  Sadly we have seen these scenarios repeated over years; memories of Ferguson are still fresh, we have not made all the progress towards racial justice and harmony in our community as promised and hoped for.  Recently the murder of Ahmud Aubrey in Georgia, as well as a  false police report against an African American bird watcher in New York reminds us that we have a long way to justness.  George Floyd, who was apprehended for a non-violent crime and did not resist the police, paid the price with his life.  All four police officers were fired the next day, and Derek Chauvin has been arrested for murder. It is also paramount that all offenders be brought to justice as soon as possible. We understand that detailed investigation is needed before charges can be brought, but any delay may be construed as delay of justice. The anger and frustration of African Americans is fully understandable; they have endured inequality for hundreds of years. They have suffered, protested and struggled for fairness in every aspect of the life.  We have seen improvement over decades, and then murder of George Floyd reminds us that we have a long way to go.  Unfortunately some of the protests have resulted in loss of property; scenes of fires raging are worrisome, as this can lead to loss of life too. In these difficult times of COVID pandemic, many stores are closed and losing the property to pillaging is going to add to their loss. We urge all individuals and groups responsible for these acts to stop immediately. We also urge public authorities in Minneapolis as well as around the nation to grant protesters their right to assemble peacefully. The greatness of America is its diversity; the diversity makes us strong and paves the way to prosperity. Islam is a great advocate of diversity, we are reminded, “O mankind indeed we have ….made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you.” We are also commanded to stand for justice no matter how difficult it is for us, “Indeed, God orders justice and good conduct…. and forbids bad conduct and oppression.”    We call on our leaders and community members across the country to stand up against racism in any form against any minority group. Every life is equally precious, every person hurts when confronted with bigotry and the whole community eventually suffers because of inequality. The “Good Americans” are not defined by the race; they are defined by hard work, dedication to justice and humanity.

Ghazala Hayat, Chair Public Affairs Committee,

Islamic Foundation Of Greater St. Louis 



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