Statement from the President on the Beginning of Ramadan

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden send greetings to Muslims for Ramadan 


Alhamdulillāh, due to confirmation of the moon sighting in Makkah al-Mukarramah, our 1st Day of Fasting will be Tuesday, April 13th

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Zakat al Fitr

Pay your Zakat al Fitr (زكاة الفطر ) using the button below. $8 (Eight dollars). Must be paid before Eid salat.

RAMADAN MUBARAK! We pray to Allah to make this Ramadan a blessed one and accept our fasting and prayers. Ameen.

  • To accommodate worshippers, we will have two sessions of Taraweeh at Daar Ul Islam site. Two sessions of Taraweeh:
  • First session: Isha @ 9:30 PM followed by 8 rakats of Taraweeh.
  • Second Session: Isha @ 10:30 PM followed by 8 rakats of Taraweeh.
  • Bring your own prayer rug or $2 for prayer rug provided. Masks must be worn at all times. Bring your own reusable water bottles! 
  • Eid details will be sent via email and posted here, please sign up for email notifications, scroll to bottom of home page.

    6-May-2021 24-Ramadhan-1442

    Dar-ul-Islam: Prayer Entry and Iqama Times
    Calculation method: Fajr=18 degrees; Isha=15 degrees

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