The Muslim Youth of St. Louis, or MYSTL

Founded in 2007, The Muslim Youth of St. Louis, or MYSTL, is a youth organization dedicated in bringing the young Muslims of our area together and educating them about their religion. We focus on education and recreation, fun coupled with learning, all within an Islamic atmosphere. With a dedicated board, a crew of enthusiastic volunteers, and the guidance of the slightly older generation, MYSTL continues to grow and develop, with the goal of improving not only the lives of young Muslims, but the lives of everyone around us

MYSTL was founded in 2007 by Usama Zahid, Zarir Ahmed, and Sohaib Katariwala, with guidance from Mufti Minhajudeen Ahmed and Inspiration from Dar-ul-Hikmah in Chicago. It has been based for its entire History in Dar-ul Islam Masjid. Throughout the years, MYSTL has stayed strong and has continued to grow.
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