The Islamic Foundation Of Greater St. Louis condemns the terrorist attack in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are sickened by the depravity of the perpetrator. The innocent people were targeted during the Friday congregational prayers; 49 faithful lost their lives and many are injured. The criminal, a white supremacist, live streamed the horrific attack. The world is shocked at the decadence of humanity and misuse of social media. We are alarmed at the rise of bigotry and attacks at the places of worship all over the world; a single human life lost is too many, no matter which religion or race he/she belongs to. We stand with community of Christchurch and send our prayers and thoughts. We stand against bigotry, hatred and terrorism. Collectively the world can fight the hate anywhere. 

Ghazala Hayat, Chair Public Relations Committee, Islamic Foundation Of Greater St. Louis

On Friday, March 15, a special dua was also held for the victims and their families, alongwith a press conference (See photos by Philip Deitch). The event was attended by members of the interfaith community. We thank everyone for their prayers and support.  UNITED WE ARE STRONG.