Re: Arson incident in Cape Girardeau, MO
The Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis strongly condemns the vicious act of arson against the Islamic Center of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. On the first day of Ramadan (fasting), the most sacred month for Muslims; a malevolent person set fire to the building. Thankfully there was no loss of lives, but the whole property was declared a total loss.  The building was also home to few families, who have lost everything in this fire. 
The law enforcement agencies, including FBI, are investigating this crime. The FBI has also announced a reward for the arrest of the perpetrator. We are awaiting the details anxiously and hoping that law enforcement officers can apprehend the criminal soon. 
These acts of violence increase anxiety among Muslims; not knowing if it is due to Islamophobia. We urge congregants in Missouri as well as our country at large, not to panic but be vigilant. We fervently hope that in this sacred month, these hard times of pandemic are not made worse by crimes against fellow Muslim Americans. 
We appreciate much the words of support from other faith groups. We also encourage supporting the families who have lost everything in this tragedy. Together we can help each other to rise again in any adversity.
Ghazala Hayat, Chair, Public Affairs Committee
Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis