Update on COVID-19 related Issues:

Majlis Al Shura and the Islamic Foundation’s COVID Ad-Hoc committee have met and assessed the current situation, infection rates in our county, current county regulations reviewed. Inshallah the following changes will apply:

  1. For daily salat, allow 10 minutes after Fard salat to complete Sunnah prayers / vacate Masjid immediately after
  2. Start Khatirah after Fajr salat
  3. Continue online programs.
  4. No Khatirah after Isha salat at this time
  5. Continue to maintain strict mask-wearing/ social distancing/ Wudu at home/ Bring own prayer rug/ temp screening
  6. No changes in current JUMA salat practices
  7. No gym activities for adults
Ramadan 2021:

In-person Isha salat and Taraweeh in Jamat Inshallah. (8 Rakat Taraweeh, short )
Prayer will be in a setting similar to how we perform JUMA salat at this time
– No in-house Iftar at Masjid. (Social Services department of Islamic Foundation will continue to provide Iftar boxes for needy families.)
Ramadan program will be reviewed again 30 days in advance and Inshallah if infection rates decrease significantly, the program will be modified. 

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