Our 1st Day of Fasting will be Tuesday, April 13th, or Wednesday, April 14th which means Taraweeh will be prayed Monday Night, April 12th, or Tuesday Night, April 13th as per IFGSTL’s policy of following Saudi Arabia for Ramadan/Eid Dates. Taraweeh Prayers will be performed this year at IFGSTL; only 8 short Rakahs with small portions of the Quran (No Khatam). Witr prayers are to be prayed at home.

Maximum Capacity per each session: 160
2 Isha and 2 Taraweeh sessions will be offered each night

Session #1:
Iqama for Isha prayer: 9:15 PM
Followed by 8 short Rakahs of Taraweeh.
Led by: Mufti Asif Umar

Session #2:
Iqama for Isha prayer: 10:15 PM
Followed by 8 short Rakahs of Taraweeh.
Led by: Shaykh Hamzah Imtiaz

Children 12 & above are allowed and are encouraged to attend.

Loitering on the Masjid premises will not be allowed. Masks to be worn at all times, along with strict 6 ft. social distancing and each person bringing their own prayer rug. 

Iftaar for the community will not be provided. However, for those coming for Maghrib prayer, dates and water will be handed out. The gymnasium will also be closed and unavailable for Iftaar reservations.

ADS’ annual Ramadhan Fundraiser is Saturday, April 24th and IFGSTL’s annual 27th night Fundraiser will follow a similar method as last year, with a virtual program along with a drive-thru portion as well. More details will be sent to the community closer to the event dates.

Eid-ul-Fitr prayers will be offered at Queeny park similar to last year, in two sessions. More details will be emailed closer to Eid day.

Social Services department of Islamic Foundation will continue to provide Iftar boxes for needy families.