2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

Pre-Kindergarten students annual tuition:

Full-time students (Mon-Fri from 7:45 am to 3:15 pm) = $6,300 per year
Part-time students (Mon-Fri from 7:45 am to 12:30pm) = $4,800 per year

Kindergarten annual tuition: $5,300 per year

Grade 1-12 annual tuition: $4,950 per year

Tuition for ADS girls (grade 3 & up) enrolled in Jannah Institute: $3,300 per year

Sibling Discount: The lowest fee will be considered to calculate the discount

  • 2nd child 10% off
  • 3rd child 15% off
  • 4th child 20% off

Payment Options: Two payment options are available.

  1. Pay the full tuition for the year (School Office will accept payment 1 week before school begins until the first day of school) and receive a 3% discount on the full amount.
  2. Monthly Payment Plan—can be made online via Praxi or Check-o-Matic (scheduled automatically withdrawals from bank account). Monthly payments must be made by the 1st of every month, or there will be a $30.00 late fee penalty. Please Note: Parents who have scheduled family trips or vacations during the school year are responsible for paying the tuition for the month they will be out of town.

Financial Assistance: ADS is a firm believer in quality Islamic education for all children of all socio-economic backgrounds. For this reason, Financial Aid applications are available for parents to fill out for the following school year. You can pick up a copy from the ADS main office. Financial Aid deadline is July 1, 2018. However, priority will be given to families that submit financial aid documents by May 1, 2018.