Get Ready for Tarbiyyah Summer Camp 2019!

Assalamu Alaikum,

We are pleased to introduce our new community collab: Tarbiyyah Summer Camp 2019

Our summer camp is specially designed to cater to the development of identity through Islamic connection and recreation.

We are offering a range of courses to take for kids ages 7-15. In addition to classes, every week they will enjoy a fun trip outdoors!

Brief Info on courses:

STEM– In today’s age, the tech industry is booming and knowledge of computers is becoming increasingly valuable. We are offering a chance for students to learn essential skills that will benefit them throughout their academic years.

SPORTS– Playing sports is a sunnah of RasulAllah SAW and with Tarbiyyyah Camp, students will get to play in organized teams under adult supervision. Plus MORE!

LEADERSHIP- A very popular subject for all ages, and that is why we are bringing this to our community! Ust. Salma is a certified teacher at ADS and will teach a robust curriculum to prepare students for the real world with Islamic guidance. This is an important class recommended for Muslims students to take.

Recreation: There will be several recreational activities and events included in the program. Details will follow.

QURAN– Students who have no background in Arabic have the opportunity to learn how to read and memorize the Quran. We have 3 levels, from Beginners, Intermediate, to advanced.

ARABIC– Students will not just learn the language of Arabic but learn the history behind the language until modern times and how rich of a language it is. Ust. Yusra, a Bayyinah Dream graduate is one of our teachers. Students can learn at 3 levels, from BEG- ADV.  The goal is to build a relationship and honor the Quran in the sacred al-Lugha it came in.

DEEN- Sheikh Chris and teachers from Jannah Institute will teach sessions on different matters of the Deen that are most important for our youth to understand in this day and age. This is not a heavy academic course, rather, a class for students to experience their Islamic identity with their classmates and teachers.

The overall goal of this program is to provide Tarbiyyah for our youth so they can have stronger personalities through joy and inspiration, and basic knowledge of Islam.

Email for any questions you may have