Middle School (6-8)

Middle School Teachers

Ustathah Moniza

  • 5th Grade (B) Homeroom
  • Math (grades 5-8)

Students at Al-Salam Day School call her Ustathah Moniza, although she wishes they called her Ustathah Math. Not because, as she puts it, she knows the subject, but because she loves it.

Ust. Moniza believes a teacher must guide each child to the maximum of his/her potential. Learning, skills and potential all have limits, but love knows no limits. Ust. Moniza loves math and teaching. She says it is a powerful combination and it is with this passion that she walks into her class every day. If her students love math, she says, infinite possibilities abound.

She first entered a classroom as a teacher in 1995. Since then everyday has been a learning experience for her.  By the grace of Allah, she completed her Masters from Pakistan, and has had the opportunity to teach in Pakistan, England, and the United States.

She started teaching in the US from the New York branch of Sylvan Learning Center. She is Sylvan certified for math essentials and advance mathematics. She also has the experience of preparing students for college entrance examinations (ACT).

Over the last ten years, Ust. Moniza has worked for many school districts in the US, including Fort Zumwalt and Parkway School Districts in St. Louis, Missouri. Most importantly, she brings with her the experience of teaching study skills – a very important factor in academic success.

After being bestowed with two beautiful children of her own, she has learned that each child is a gift from Allah (SWT) and each child has a gift from Allah (SWT). Ust. Moniza loves all of her students and helps them find and polish their gifts so that they can be successful men and women holding steadfast to the rope of Allah (SWT). 

Ustath David

  • 6th Grade Homeroom
  • Social Studies (grades 5-8)

Ustath David is entering his 20th year of teaching and coaching experience and his 13th year at Al-Salam Day School! He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education and is board certified in both Missouri and Illinois.

He is currently working on his master’s degree and is the contact person for the annual Geography Bee. He has also taken on the role of Athletics Director at Al-Salam Day School and currently coaches the boys’ middle and high school school basketball team. 

Ustathah Katie

  • 7th Grade Homeroom
  • English-Language Arts (grades 6-8)

Ustathah Ghazala

  • 8th Grade Homeroom
  • Science (grades 5-8)

Ustathah Ghazala teaches science to grades 5-8 at Al-Salam Day School (ADS). She has two Bachelors in Science degrees: One in Chemistry as a major with a focus on Microbiology and Biochemistry, and another in Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis. She is certified to teach science to grades 5-9 in Missouri, and is a certified Montessori teacher from the Association Montessori Internationale Denver Colorado.

She is a lifelong learner who believes in continuously improving her teaching skills. Ust. Ghazala is currently pursuing her Masters in Secondary School Education with an emphasis on science from UM-St. Louis.

She has been teaching for more than eighteen years and has taught at all grade levels. Her work experience includes several years of working as a Montessori teacher- nine at ADS, and as a science teacher for elementary and middle schools.

Ust. Ghazala enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. Alhamdulillah, she feels honored to be a part of a dedicated staff in Al-Salam Day School, and is looking forward to a great learning experience ahead, Insha’Allah.