June 17-July 31, 2019
We are excited to present Tarbiyyah Summer Camp, a collaboration between Al Salam Day School, Jannah Institute, and Darul Quran. Our program runs from 6/17-7/31, 9am-2pm, and is open to children ages 7-15.

Tarbiyyah Summer Camp has two important goals, as implied by its name:
1. to foster love, knowledge, and dedication to the Islamic faith in our youth
2. to offer a fun, interactive environment that supports their Islamic identity

We will be offering several sessions:
I. Quran: students will be grouped according to their reading ability
II. Arabic: students will be group according to their writing ability
III. Tarbiyyah: students will be grouped according to age-level and learn important tenets of our faith as well as learn how to strengthen their connection to Allah SWT
IV. Extra-curricular: students will be able to choose between STEM/Coding, Creative Writing, and Leadership
V. Recreational: students will be able to choose between Sports, Indoor Play, and Arts

Additionally, we will be organizing weekly outdoor trips to local destinations as appropriate for each age-group. Some of these trips include a nature hike at Castlewood State Park and rafting on the Meramec River.

InshaAllah we hope to offer an exciting, adventurous, and Deen-filled experience to the children of our community. Interested parties may pick up registration forms from both the ECC and ADS offices, or may email TarbiyyahCamp@gmail.com.

JazakumAllah khair,
Salma T. Wahdy
Camp Coordinator, Tarbiyyah Summer Camp