You, as a parent or a student, can access our curriculum website (Rubicon Atlas) which will enable you to access all subjects taught at ADS from 1st grade all the way to 12th grade. You will also be able to communicate to the teacher directly. 


Step 1:  Access the Website
The password is Salam2018

Step 2  Browse the Curriculum  

Once you click on the “Browse“, you will be able to filter according to:

  • School
  • School Type
  • Grade
  • Subject
  • Teacher

Once you filter, you will be able to see the subjects and teacher’s name. 

Step 3  Browse the Curriculum  
Then the following page will be presented to you. In this page, the Unit Calendar will show the Scope and Sequence.Teachers create their Scope and Sequence (aka Yearly Plan) which covers which topics will be taught and when throughout the academic year. 
Once you click on the name of the unit/topic/chapter, then you will be able to see couple of sections. 

The first section is called Standards and Benchmarks. In this section, the teacher links each unit/chapter/topic to the benchmarks and standards from the curriculum. Some times a particular unit is addressing multiple standards from the same subject or even different subjects.

For example, it is very common that Social Studies unit align with English Language writing standards and benchmarks. It is also very common for Science topics to align with basic Mathematics standards and benchmarks. THIS SECTION WILL BE ACCURATE UP TO TWO UPCOMING MONTHS.

For example, since we are in September, then this section will be accurate for September and October. In November, this section will be accurate for November and December…etc. Many times, teachers can decide to go a little faster or even slow down to address students’ needs. 


The other section is Resources. Teachers will upload sample assessments and resources which they are using to teach this unit/topic/chapter. Sometimes teachers will add a link to a website to watch a video or upload a PDF sample exercise sheet which can be used at home. 

Contact Teachers 

You can also e-mail the teacher directly and specific questions about the units being covered and the resources being used. Just click on the mail icon next to the name on top.

The idea behind this is to clearly communicate with parents what we are doing in class regarding teaching the curriculum. This makes it very simple for parents to follow up on what is happening in the classroom. InshAllah, we will have more documents uploaded as the year goes and it will continue to build up year after year. This also makes it very easy for new teachers to pick up and go from where the previous teacher left.