ADS Bus Contract 

Bus Rules:

All rules practiced at Al Salam Day School apply in the bus.  

Al Salam Day School will not tolerate any of the following:

Bullying, harassment, racism



Students must be dropped of at Dar al Jalal by 7:00AM

Students will be returned at the women’s entrance of the building by 4:00 PM. Upon reaching and exiting the ADS bus, students are off school premises and Al Salam Day School cannot be held accountable for any problems.

If students cause any problems during bus ride, the school holds the right to take away bus privileges and parents will need to work out other methods.  

Each student gets a maximum of 3 warnings before bus privilege is taken away.  

Upon third warning, parent guardian and student  must make an appointment with the Principal to continue in the ADS Bus Program.

Cost:  $25/month    

ADS Bus services are not applicable to financial aid.  Payments may be submitted through check or credit card at the ADS West office. Payments may be paid in full for entire year, which secures the child’s seat, or paid monthly by the 1st of every month.    


By signing the contract, parent and student agree to ADS Bus Program Terms and Conditions.  


Parent signature: ________________________                                    Full Payment ____

Date:________________                                                                                 Monthly payment ____



Student signature: ________________________