About us

The Islamic Foundation of Greater St Louis, Inc. (IFGSTL) is a non-profit organization established in 1974 and registered in Saint Louis, Missouri. We serve the local community with a variety of services including regular congregational prayers, educational programs, workshops, burial preparations, as well as social events in accordance to the teachings of Islam. Our doors are open to the public throughout the year and we receive regular group visits and tours from schools, colleges, universities and institutions seeking to learn more about Islam or conduct research for projects. 

The Foundation can accommodate 1,000 worshippers downstairs in the main hall and we hold two Friday congregational prayers. The women’s prayer hall can accomodate about 500. Our Friday prayers are very well-attended and the masjed is a hub of activity during Ramadan and Eid festivals. Iftar is served every night of Ramadan. Eid prayers are held off-site and in 2015, we held two sessions to accommodate a growing and vibrant Muslim population.

We operate two masajed under our umbrella including Daar-ul-Islam in West County and Masjed Bilal (where our story started) downtown. We also operate a House of Goods for the needy as well as a funeral home on the same location as Daar-ul-Islam. 

Last but not least, we have a full-time accredited school associated with IFGSTL, K-12. Check out alsalamds.org

Please note our facility is ADA compliant. We welcome you to our community in St. Louis! 

Thank you for visiting us. See you at the masjid, inshallah!