About us

The Islamic Foundation of Greater St Louis, Inc. (IFGSTL) is a non-profit organization established in 1974 and registered in Saint Louis, Missouri.

We operate two mosques under our umbrella: Daar-ul-Islam in West County and Masjed Bilal (our original masjid) downtown. 

Our main campus houses a full-time accredited school, a full-time library, a funeral home, classes for new Muslims and other programs in accordance to the teachings of Islam. We also operate a House of Goods that serves the needy in our community.

Please email admin@islamstl.org for tour requests or any other inquiry. 

There are two Friday congregational prayers on our main campus and iftaar is served each night of Ramadan. Eid prayers are held off-site and an open house is held in our gym area on both holidays. Our facility is ADA compliant with a ramp for wheelchair access as well as elevators. If you are new to St. Louis, we welcome you. There is no shortage of masajids throughout the Greater St. Louis area. See you soon!