Maysa Albarcha

My name is Maysa Albarcha. I’m a St. Louis native, married and have raised 4 children.  Currently I am a shura member. I have served on shura for over 17 years. My education in Interior Design and my father’s passion for masjid maintenance lead me to be the current maintenance chairperson of IFGSTL. Along with my team’s hard work we have kept the building in tiptop shape and clean for our community.  My goal as a shura member is to facilitate in making sound decisions and resolving any dilemmas with Hikmah and Iman, while maintaining the teamwork we have had on the shura. I look forward to serving you in the future.

Sara Beg

As-salaam-alikum, My name is Sara Beg and this will be my second term serving on the board of the Islamic Foundation. Inshallah, I hope to continue to serve the St. Louis community in this capacity. Professionally, I am an educator. I am currently in my 6th year of teaching in the Ferguson-Florissant School District and my 10th year overall. I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Saint Louis University, a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education-Social Studies from University of Missouri – St. Louis, and a Masters of Education in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum with an emphasis in Reading from University of Missouri – Columbia. Additionally, I have completed a STEM certification as well as taken courses in Gifted Education from Maryville University. I am a certified teacher from the state of Missouri in Elementary Education 1-6, Social Studies 5-9, Social Studies 9-12, and English 9-12. I am also a Level 2 Google Certified Educator. In my building, I serve as the co-chair for the Math Committee, the Building Improvement Committee, and Social Committee. Previously, I served as a member of the Instructional Leadership Team.

I have been a part of the Muslim community of St. Louis for my entire life. In high school, I worked in the Sunday Madrassa as both an office employee as well as a classroom teacher. Throughout the years, I have helped organize several Interfaith opportunities for the youth of St. Louis including the CANstruction project at the St. Louis Science Center as well as the annual Interfaith Youth Iftar. Additionally, I was the co-facilitator of the youth dialogue group JAM (Jewish and Muslim) for 10 years, and I have served as a site captain, steering committee member, and planning committee member for the Jewish and Muslim Day of Community Service for the last 9 years. If elected to the Shura, my hope is to continue to serve the community and bring a younger voice to the board of the Islamic Foundation. As a member of the future generation of the Muslim community of St. Louis, I hope to bring new ideas and ways to further involve my generation into day-to-day community activities. Thank you for your consideration

Fareed Katariwala

Assalamualaikum. My name is Fareed Katariwala and I am a CPA by profession. I moved to North America in 2000. I was involved in the Finance and Accounting of an Islamic Foundation in Toronto, Canada. I have actively participated in IFGSTL operations since the groundbreaking and participated in all fundraisings.

Left Canada for the USA in 2004. Volunteered my services to the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis for Accounting and Finance function. The Shura appointed me as Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee for Financial Control, Compliance, and Internal Audit. I conducted the First Internal Audit of the foundation and presented detailed reports highlighting deficiencies in the internal controls with suggestions for improvements. I was elected as a shura member in 2008 and have served as Treasurer of the foundation ever since.

Mubeena Shariff

Assalamualaikum – Alhumdulillah, I have been in the community for nearly 40 years and I have been a lifetime member ever since then. My schooling was completed in India. I worked with Western Union as an accountant, later joined a Veterinary Hospital as business manager. Alhumdulillah, I am a Co-Admin for a large Matrimonial Group. I have contributed uncountable hours for Matrimonial Services, Fe- Sabilillah, all over USA, Canada and Bangalore, Hyderabad,  India.

  • I am the current Chair Person of the IFGSTL Women’s Committee.
  • In the past, I have volunteered, arranging for Iftaar dinner and last ten days Sahoor, Eid celebration, Open house, Annual, BBQ and Bazaar. Also volunteer with funeral home services giving ghusl.
  • Last Ramadan we had our first Covid Iftaar distribution in a public parking lot. We also distributed door-to-door Iftaar, Eid money and goodies to the needy, during Ramadan.
  • Arranged drive through Iftaar fund raising for  Masjid operation funds and drive thru Ramadan Eid celebration.
  • Arranged the first time ever Muslim Day at Six Flags in St. Louis. Alhumdulillah it a great Dawah work and fun for the deserving kids.

Every Sunday during School year, managed the kitchen cafeteria arranging lunch and snacks, all proceeds goes towards operating funds. During weekdays, I pick up items from restaurants and distribute to the Muslim community in need.

As a volunteer I have dedicated all my time towards our Center and insha’Allah I would like to extend my experience and dedication to be a part of Shura too. Insha’Allah.  May Allah Swt accept my work in HIS HOUSE of worship. Aameen

Salman Syed

Assalamualaikum, My name is Salman Syed and I have been a member of the St Louis community for the past 7 years Alhamdulillah. I am married with two daughters and a son, Alhamdulillah. I am a Data Management Leader and work with large fortune 500 firms to help build their data management strategy. I have a masters in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas.

I have been part of the administration of masajid and Islamic schools for the past 12 years. Currently I serve as the chair of the board of directors of Al Salam Day School, and an interim shura member of the foundation (to replace a vacant seat). I also assist with the Information Technology upkeep of the Foundation, assist in the scheduling of sports and events at the gymnasium and a volunteer for the community when there is a need. I am also a founding board member of American Islamic Montessori Association and member of the Council of Islamic Schools in North America

I am running for the shura for the sake of Allah and to serve the community, bring a new perspective and to drive digital transformation, a change in the way we operate around technology and around our youth. I believe our youth are the most important asset and most, if not all of our work should be focused around their development and future growth. To reach the youth, one has to understand their passion, their drive and their expectations. Alhaamdulillaah, we have a wonderful infrastructure that built by senior leaders of our community and I wish to plan and utilize that to the fullest potential for all our community members.

Mansoor Sukhera





My name is Mansoor Sukhera; first and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone for the opportunity to run for Masjid Al-Shura. I am an MBA.MIS graduate and have been working in the IT Industry for nearly two decades. Along with being an IT Specialist, I have been working with my son, Saad, as a realtor. I came to this country in 1996 and chose St. Louis as my home in 2008 to settle and raise my kids. To me, St. Louis was a perfect place to raise kids and have a strong Muslim upbringing. IFGSTL really set the platform for that. I volunteered myself at IFGSTL for multiple things so I could upkeep what they have been doing so greatly. I have done work with funeral services/ghusl services for janazah, highway cleanup, social services, seerah nights and outreach programs. I have also started Pakistani consulate retreat camp at St. Louis five years ago where the consulate comes to our community once a year to provide services that we once had to travel to Chicago to get done. I have been a part of the St. Louis community for many years now, and now I want to play my role in maintaining our values, our goals, and guide it towards even greater standing.

Dr. Muhammad  Tahir

My name is Muhammad  Tahir, I am a cardiologist by profession and have been a resident of St. Louis since 2003. I have served with the Islamic Foundation as both a treasurer and a shura member for a total of nine years.

Currently, I am head of the security committee and am responsible for overseeing all security protocols for our growing and active community, including our other facilities such as the Early Childhood Center. I have worked tirelessly with all of my colleagues to make sure our campuses are safe places to visit and worship.

In addition to my IFGSTL roles, I also volunteer for APPNA clinic, Salam Clinic as well as Volunteers in Medicine. I also work for the outreach committee of the Islamic Foundation, which aims to promote faith relations with other entities, including an annual open house attended by hundreds of people.

It is my goal to continue to keep our facilities open and dynamic, welcoming, yet also be safe and secure, and that we exist in overall harmony with our neighbors.

Abdul Wadood

My name is Abdul Wadood and I am a current shura member serving the community since 2017. By profession, I am a senior banker with a large national bank. As a long-term resident of Greater Saint Louis, I am associated with Muslim professionals as well as the business community. Over the years, I have led multiple community and welfare activities benefitting both local and international organizations.


MBA, Finance

Affiliations in Charitable Organizations

  • Member Board, Leading Eye Hospital, AFNA
  • Member Board, Asian American Chamber of Commerce
  • Member Board Friends of SLU Liver Center
  • Member Board MO State University Customer Experience Advisory Board
  • Member St. Louis Chapter TCF School System

Currently, I am also chair of the Islamic Foundation membership committee and my goal has been to expand membership numbers; I will focus on diversity and inclusion and add value to the shura board as a finance professional.

Thank you for your consideration.